We’re pleased to bring you the first installment of Liner Notes, our Heavy Spinners member spotlight.  July’s feature is Megan Petty, Lady of the Manor at Fuzzy Logic.

Heavy Spinners:  What do you do when you’re not spinning records?

Megan Petty: I like to refer to myself as a writer with a day job. But after the 9-5, I spend A LOT of time going through my emails and finding new bands to write about. I’ve also been going to quite a few shows this year, which is something I encourage all of our members to do. As we like to say, music sounds the best on wax, but I would say that sometimes it sounds even better in the flesh.

HS:  How did you get into vinyl collecting?

MP: I grew up listening to vinyl thanks to my Mom, but didn’t start collecting until I was living in Richmond (over a decade ago). I developed a serious habit when I lived there, thanks to the magical combination of both good record stores and plentiful thrift stores.

HS:  Name two of your favorite albums.

MP:  My list of favorite records is constantly in flux because as a Gemini I can be a little bit fickle. One of my favorite records I was lucky enough to find on vinyl is The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s fuzzgaze classic Methodrone. I picked that up about five years ago at Bull Moose Records in Portland (Maine, not Oregon).

Another of my favorite albums is one that I don’t yet own on vinyl, because it’s somewhat cost-prohibitive. The Verve released a live recording put together from some shows in the US and the UK called Voyager 1, and the story goes that most of the stock was irreparably damaged in transit between the UK and the US. So copies of that blue vinyl are super rare (and, subsequently, pretty expensive). That record really shows The Verve when they were in their psychedelic peak. Their sound then was nothing like what it became in the late 90s, it’s so far out and expansive, and I love that record like crazy.

HS:  What have you been listening to lately?

MP:  The steady influx of new music has really changed the way I listen to music. I love the experience of listening to a record from start to finish and really getting to know each song and each note, but as with the 24-hour news cycle, music has been moving too fast to let me do that. I usually end up listening to a ton of albums at the end of the year as I try to put together my “Best Of” list. I have listened to the new A Place to Bury Strangers record, Pinned, quite a bit this year. If you like noise and crazy guitars, you might enjoy it. Also the new Boy Azooga, LO MOON, and Alexis Taylor records . . . . I’ve been stuck on Holy Wave’s magnificent Freaks of Nurture as well as The Horrors and some Gram Parsons.

HS:  Who’s an underrated or up-and-coming artist (or band) that you hope the rest of the members will give a spin?

MP:  In this country, I think the band that’s responsible for the name of the blog gets overlooked. The Super Furry Animals, from Wales, are weird and wonderful, and their first record, Fuzzy Logic, was a formative record for me in my teens. Otherwise, I can’t single out just one, so to keep it short and sweet I’d just say to check out Fuzzy Logic on a regular basis to see what my current sounds du jour happen to be.

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