In case you didn’t know, DJs tend to be some of the biggest vinyl collectors out there and for our October member spotlight, we had the pleasure of chatting with another of our DMV DJ members, Howard Bolden III, aka DJ HoBo, of TTTRadio.Net, “The Truth In Hip Hop Internet Radio.”

Heavy Spinners:  How long have you been a DJ, Howard?
Howard Bolden:  I have been DJing for about 15 years, but I started on the turntables when I was little.

HS:  Who have been your biggest influences?
HB:  A few of my influences have been DJ Scratch, Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid, Tony Touch, and DJ Premiere.  The guys in my crew have also been a huge influence.  Shout out to my guys DJ yZ, Jules DJ, DJ Scandales, DJ Love, DJ Helmedia, DJ Faddablack, and DJ Philly; they keep me going.

HS:  Tell us about The Soup Kitchen [your radio show].
HB:  The Soup Kitchen started out because I was trying to find a funky and different name for my Friday live broadcast show. It evolved into the Soup Kitchen because hobos soup kitchens to get fed a hot meal. Since I am DJ HoBo and we are serving up hot beats and rhymes for an audience starved by the nonsense out there, it kinda stuck.

HS:  That’s awesome!  So what’s your favorite hip hop album?
HB:  I have so many, but without question, it is Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). That album changed everything for me.

HS:  It’s one of our faves too.  You’re a self-professed sneaker head, so we want to know:  how many pairs do you actually have?
HB:  I have not counted recently, but it is somewhere close to 100. Half of them have never seen the light of day.

HS:  Which do you have more of, records or sneakers?
HB:  I definitely have way more records than sneakers thanks to jacking my parents’ collection and finding Records & Rarities.

HS:  Spoken like a true vinyl head!

** Spinners, you can catch DJ HoBo’s live radio show, The Soup Kitchen, Fridays at 9:30 PM or follow him on Instagram, and we’ve got a hunch you’ll continue to see him on the tables at R&R from time to time as well.

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